IMG_3499My name is Erin. I am a twenty two year old mom to a beautiful little one year old girl(Maylene), as well as married to my high school sweetheart(Obed). When I became a mom, I also became insanely overwhelmed . Breastfeeding, formula, schedules, sleep, I was nothing but stressed out!  I started this blog simply to interact with other moms and moms to be. To bring moms together. Not to judge but to learn. From learning new ways to put babies to sleep, to new ways on curing a horrible diaper rash. Perhaps to even learn about tips and tricks for breastfeeding as well as finding support during hard times. So whether you’re a parent of one (like me) or a parent to ten! Any age, any parenting style, any place in the world. I want moms to feel nothing but welcomed here. I may be a newer mom but boy have I learned a lot so far and I have so many things to share. I hope you find yourself coming back here again and again. I am so happy you are here!