Processed with VSCO with m5 presetEver since I had my daughter, I have struggled with anxiety. As she grows older so do my daily unbalances. Even though I wish these kind of things didn’t exist, they do and they aren’t going anywhere. And while I could sit and let it take over me, I choose not to. Today I wanted to talk about living your best, most positive life. Because that’s the main goal in life right? To feel happy, healthy, and to know your self worth. And while some days are a real struggle, there are some things that can help you kickstart your everyday routines, and help you live the best, most positive life you can!

  1. Replace negative thoughts and comments, with positive compliments. When you cant find anything nice to say about yourself, just say something positive! It seems stupid but it really helped me. Even if it is something small like “my hair looks nice today” or “Wow I love the way my nails are painted!” Or maybe even “I’m going to make today my bitch!” (A little over the top I know haha) but I also carry this into the real world. I will be the first to admit that I have judged people in my mind. And honestly, thinking it is just as bad as saying it aloud. Complimenting not only yourself, but everyone around you, will only make you feel even better about the way you live your life. Compliments over criticism!
  2. Find time for yourself. Even if it’s just for a second! Trust me, I know this can be hard. I am home alone all day with our daughter and don’t get much titme for myself. I recently stopped taking naps with my daughter just so I could get a couple extra minutes to myself. During this time I like to: Watch my favorite TV show(something that’s not a cartoon), Blog, Have a couple sips of wine, do a craft, write some lists, surf on Pint- rest, or whatever I feel like doing that day. Other times when my husband comes home early, I will go and just take a couple strolls around one of my favorite stores. Any alone time is better than none.
  3. Get up and get ready! Obviously this wont apply to everyone. If you don’t wear make up, or your one of the lucky few who have naturally beautiful hair, then this might not help much.  But Get out of the pajamas and get dressed! I just know that when i’m dressed and ready for the day, I am automatically in a more upbeat, positive and motivating mood.
  4. Get out of bed! I always find that I am at my lowest when I stay in bed. It brings out bad thoughts and bad vibes. Although staying in bed is just nesessary some days,  most times it makes me feel unproductive and lazy.
  5. Try new things. This is the hardest one for me personally. I have horrible anxiety when it comes to trying new things. Whether its eating new foods, or trying new activities. They both use to (and sometimes still do) bring out the worst in my anxiety. At the same time though, I have discovered a love for many new foods/hobbies that I never knew I would of liked. All of which help me feel better about myself!
  6. Eat Healthy and try to exercise! I know I know. It sucks. Unless your someone who really enjoys these things, then you know how much of a struggle it is. Well what if I told you not to worry about weight? Or calories? I say to eat heathly and exercise because it all around makes you feel better! No way am I saying to turn down that donut in the break room. Or to not have a nice big burger while out with  the girls. Part of enjoying life Is enjoying your favorite things. All I’m saying is that getting some sort of healthy meal or exercise in can’t hurt one bit! Whether that be going on a walk around the mall, having a dance party with your children, or playing fetch with your dog. Maybe sign up for a yoga class. Anything! A little exercise and healthy eating can help you feel much more energized to take on any day(good or bad)!
  7. Most Importantly…Don’t compare your self to others! As much as people love to do this, it’s really not healthy for anyone. Everyone’s bodies are different and everybody has different situations regarding they way they look. Some people have high metabolisms, some people workout a lot, some people have health problems, some people are battling  mental health. Everyone is different. Our bodies are unique and shouldn’t be compared to others.

Living your best life doesn’t have to be hard. Changing small things along the way can only lead to bigger and better things. Being positive and happy doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So don’t worry! Life is full of chances and risks.  You just have to start taking them. Like most people say “You only have one life, so make it count!”

2 thoughts on “Living Your Most Positive Life

  1. I like your thoughts when you said ‘replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.’ It so true. At times just saying positive things to yourself will give you more confident.


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