5A6904E9-DEA0-410D-B816-D784B81F3B9B“I have a fourteen month old.” Damn. That sounds so crazy when I say that out loud. She is growing up up quickly. As much as I wish she would stay a baby forever, I am absolutely in love with the little lady she is becoming. Day by day she gets more personality, learns new things, and makes me so incredible proud to be her mother.

Current Measurements

20 Pounds 6 ounces

30 Inches long 

New things this month:  

Maylene has officially learned to drink from a straw. It seems like a small victory, but do you know how many adorable straw cups I have bought her that she couldn’t use before? A lot. It also happens to the most adorable thing to see her walk around holding her little cup, periodically taking little sips through the straw.

May is also saying more words. Although her vocabulary is still very very minimal, we have been noticing her using small words again and again. She can say Cat, Whats that?, dad (still no mom) and Baba (what we call the bottle).  Its not much, but at least we are getting somewhere! We like to walk around our apartment and have her point to things as we say what they are. Hoping that one day it will stick. We will get their eventually!

The newest and most exciting thing is her walking! She has technically been walking for about a month now. But from time to time she would loose her balance and choose to crawl instead of walk. Not anymore! She is officially walking everywhere. She is also able to get off the ground and stand up without having to use people or furniture. Her walking is an absolute blessing. She was getting so heavy to carry around all the time.  Now she insists to walk almost everywhere(everywhere that is safe). We still don’t let her walk in parking lots or where its busy. I don’t think she is ready for that quiet yet!

May is still struggling with meats. We have finally got her to start eating some chicken but other than that, she wants nothing to do with it. With that being said, she still loves peanut butter sandwiches and that helps with her getting enough protein. She still eats fruits and vegetables like there is no tomorrow and I have absolutely no complaints about that. In fact, I hope it stays that way forever!

Goals for Next Month

Utensils! I have been a tad bit lazy when it comes to spoons and forks. Everything she eats is finger foods unless we feed her ourselves. Unfortunately that doesn’t fly anymore. Maylene wants to do everything for herself. Especially eat food. Feeding her self with silverware is a big goal for this month!

Brushing her teeth. Obviously we have been brushing her teeth for a while now. We started when she was around six months old. But now that she is one, we are going to start introducing toothpaste(kid friendly of course). The past couple weeks we have been trying to get her to spit things out when we say “spit”(without making her think its okay to spit out anything and everything). We will start incorporating toothpaste within the next couple days!

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