IMG_2374 (1)Have you ever seen that show called hoarders? The show where people have piles and piles of  inanimate objects and trash in their homes consuming their entire lives? Well, that is me when it comes to my diaper bag. Within the one year my daughter has been alive, I have purchased around six diaper bags. Personally, I went through a lot of trial and error. Buying bags that were too small, too big, wrong straps, the list goes on and on. After using a new diaper bag for a couple days, I always acquire a list of good and bad things; The bad always outweighing the good. Fortunately for me, I found a diaper bag that I have been using for a couple months now and only have one tiny thing I don’t like about it(we will get to that later). With this being the last diaper bag I will buy (we are almost out of the diaper bag stage completely) I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on it for other moms that might be starting their diaper bag journey or those who are struggling in the middle of theirs. With that being said, lets jump right in.

The diaper bag that I have grown to love so much is the Skip Hop Grand Central( take it all). Ranging in price from $89.99 brand new, to some gently used I discovered on amazon for $61.00. You can purchase it in store at  Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby or online at many other retailers. Now when it comes to price I know for some mom’s, this wouldn’t be too expensive compared to some other diaper bags on the market. And for others it would be absolutely ridiculous. I am not going to lie, it is definitely way more I would ever want to spend on a diaper bag. But with that being said, There are surely some reasons why it would be worth it.

Lets talk about pockets. I think most moms can relate when I say that having enough pockets is a pretty important factor when it comes to diaper bags. First time moms especially. When my daughter was first born, I had anything and everything in there. Different sizes of Diapers, three different packs of wipes, extra pacifiers, two extra outfits, a bunch of toys, books, formula, bottles, goodness. I could go on forever! And for some reason, even though you know you wont use most of it, there it is. Always in there filling up all the pockets. The first diaper bag I bought only had three pockets.IMG_2367 One on the front, and two on the inside. This meant that most of the items I was carrying ended up wadded in the middle looking like the land of the lost. And even though that is what happens most of the time anyways, its still nice to have pockets for different items. In the Grand Central, I have twelve pockets (not including the main pouch in the middle). Twelve! So much room for so many goodies! They come in all different shapes and sizes as well. I have no problem storing everything that I might need for a day out.

Speaking of a day out, The Grand Central is also great for traveling! Because it is an over sized diaper bag, you are able to fit much more than the average diaper bag. Over the weekend, my daughter and I went to visit my sister. We stayed three days and two nights. I was able to fit everything for Maylene in her diaper bag alone. It made it so much easier than having to take an extra bag for her. I could fit all of her clothes, toys, shoes, snacks, and much more in the one diaper bag alone. We don’t fly much, but I could almost guarantee it would be great to use as carry on for your little one(or little ones.) Because it is such a big diaper bag, I would highly recommend it for moms and dads who have more than one baby.

The other thing I find myself enjoying about this diaper bag are he straps. I am a pretty picky person about straps. I don’t like them too thin, but i also don’t like them too thick. I don’t like them short, but I also don’t like them too long.  It seems kind of ridiculous to be picky about straps, but when I have to carry it for a long period of time, I don’t want the straps to dig into my shoulder. The bag also comes with the option of using a ‘duffel bag’ strap to make it possible for carrying cross body. This is something that appealed to me. You can easily sling it across your shoulder and still have two empty free hands to use.

IMG_2375The last thing I find myself liking a lot is the look. Although it does come in many different colors and styles, I found myself choosing the color ‘french stripe’. The color gave it a modern, simple feel and made it easy to match with any outfit. It wipes away spills and stains easily and is machine washable(bonus)!

Sadly, with all the good comes the bad(I don’t think I could even call it bad). If there is one thing I find myself complaining about the bag, it is the size. Like I said before, it is on the larger size for being a diaper bag. Sometimes it just gives me an excuse to hoard trash and other items that are completely unnecessary. I often notice how much trash and random things I shove in it. I guess that is more of a personal problem(ha)!

Other than that, the diaper bag has done wonders for me. I highly recommend it to moms with multiple children or moms who love to travel and over pack(like myself). For tips on the price, babies R Us and Buy Buy baby always have a twenty percent off coupon for regular priced items. Also try checking in store for sales and clearance. You never know. One day you might hit the jack pot!

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