IMG_1029Its official! We have made it 365 days. A whole entire year. I cant even tell you how fast time goes by. One second she is a tiny helpless baby and the next she is a toddler to be with a huge personality. Her current weight is 19 pounds and she is 29 1/2 inches long! A small increase from last time, but better than nothing. It surprises me how she only weighs 19 pounds with all the food she eats. Her favorite food at the moment is still peanut butter sandwiches. Her biggest dislike at the moment seems to be meat. She isn’t a huge fan of meat yet. After a long talk with her pediatrician, he told us that it could be due to the fact that meat can be harder to chew. And with Maylene not having too many teeth, it may be far more difficult for her to chew thus leaving her uninterested.  She is also now completely off of formula. She has been for almost a month. To be honest, she does not miss it one bit! She absolutely loves her whole milk and it was a easy transition. I have heard it can really mess up their stomachs, but we have not had a problem at all. She also switched to a big girl cup. It took some trial and error, but after finding ones she liked, it was smooth sailing!

She finally has two more teeth popping in on the top! One has already wiggled it’s way through the gum, while the other is slightly still below the surface. She got her first four teeth so quickly then it just stopped. The last tooth she got was around seven months. I must say though, I didn’t miss the teething. The last couple nights she has been waking up on and off every couple hours. Which left both of us restless. I mean you know what they say, When the baby is grumpy, the mom cant be too far behind!

Have I ever told you how stubborn my child can be? Especially when it comes to walking. The girl can run across the room with one finger on her walker, but you take it away and all of a sudden she can’t even stand without insisting on help. We try and work on walking everyday. She has become a master of walking along furniture and  using her walker. She can even walk perfectly while only holding onto your finger. The confidence to walk alone is the only thing she is lacking. I know once she has that, she will be taking off in no time and then I will be begging her to stop walking. When it comes to learning to walk, patience is key!

The last thing I want to address in her one year update is her personality. First let me start by saying how blessed Obed and I are when it comes to Maylene. She is such a well behaved, loving little girl. Her personality is really starting to blossom. She loves giving kisses, smiling, laughing, and just being herself. She rarely cries and throws fits. We are still able to go to grocery stores, restaurants, and run any errand without the fear of a tantrum. Even though that will likely change in the future, I am so thankful for the sweet, well behaved baby we have now!

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