IMG_0938[2581]I am seriously in awe. Wasn’t it just five days ago I wrote her ten month update? My little jellybean will be ONE in only ELEVEN days! Please do tell me where time has gone and how in the hell to get it back! Putting my dramatic slander aside, May’s eleventh month of life was a pretty exciting one(they all are really) She weighs somewhere around twenty pounds and is about 31 inches long.

Her likes are still pretty similar to before. She loves almost every kind of food as well as baths, standing!, and walking along side mom and dad. She also still has a crazy love for Moana, and now we have grown into Peppa Pig too. She loves playing all day long (literally, sometimes she wont even take a nap)! She still enjoys putting anything and everything in her mouth, which is so frustrating ( if you have any tips and tricks with that please do let me know). Her biggest like right now is definitely a peanut butter sandwich. She  can eat a whole sandwich in about ten minutes. It’s remarkable. That reminds me, we also had a goal last month to be completely weaned off baby food. And we made it! We have absolutely no baby food left in the house. IT is definitely a challenge feeding her everyday. We try to widen her food pallet as much as we can, but sometimes its hard. But we definitely manage though!

Her dislikes now include getting dressed. She screams and wiggles around like crazy! She is also not a big fan of meat. Sometimes she will eat it, but she definitely prefers fruits and vegetables(crazy)! She also is not a huge fan of jackets. With winter approaching, its hard to bundle her up. We try our best to distract her long enough to get some sort of jacket on her. But we usually fail and end up having to bundle her up in a load of blankets. She is also in the phase of eating everything we eat. Nothing is sacred! If you are eating a fry, then she wants a fry. If you’re eating a sandwich then you better give her a bite too. If not, then that feisty personality comes out to play. And it’s definitely not a pretty one!

Maylene learned to stand on her own this month. We were helping her walk one day and as she was standing, she seemed to be very balanced. We let her hands go and that was that! She still wont take any steps on her own, but the standing brings us one step closer! She goes to bed around eight at night and wakes up around eight or eight thirty in the morning. She has also learned a cute little trick. When you ask her ‘how big are you?’ she puts both her hands up in the hair in a V shape. Its the most adorable thing ever.

She has recently learned to test us when it comes to using the word ‘no’. There are things in the house she knows she isn’t supposed to touch. And when we say no, she will move closer and closer while continuing to look back at us and see what we think about it. When you say no she also shakes her head no too. Which is very adorable.  Its crazy how much she is becoming her own little person.

Next months goals:

  1. Walking
  2. New words to say
  3. Tell us how old she is
  4. Weaning off of Formula



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